I cannot say enough good things about Rudy and the staff at Nursing Home Lake Chapala. When I first called back in July, Rudy answered the phone and took the time to listen to me. I was frantic and did not know where I could send my mother who was going to be released from the hospital in Guadalajara. She needed post-op care after having surgery for a broken femur and could not go back to her home that had many stairs. Rudy accommodated us and had a room with hospital bed ready to go. Rudy and the staff are trustworthy and honest. They are empathetic about peoples individual situations. They keep you informed and put you at ease. When you are having to take care of a loved one from a very long distance away, there is nothing more reassuring and comforting than the staff at Nursing Home Lake Chapapla. Thank you so much Rudy and staff at Nursing Home Lake Chapala! I don't know what I would have done without you!

-Mike N Cordy Salinas (Designation)


  • Karen Cage

    If you are looking for a care home for you loved one, consider Nursing Home Lake Chapala. My husband is here and is getting EXCELLENT care. He has Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s related dementia. While not ambulatory, he enjoys being here. When we both decided that living at home was no longer an option, as he required much more care… we chose Nursing Home Lake Chapala.
    It is competently and professionally run, bilingual and CARING. Everyone is dressed, bathed and ready for the day. The meals here are great and the residents line up early for them. I can read his chart whenever I want, the doctor is here once a week and our doctor has made house calls for my husband.
    The facility is about a mile from the new hospital in San Antonio, which is important. The facility is small enough that my husband is not just a number. They truly care for and about him. They love their residents and it shows.
    Before you know “it’s time,” take a tour and talk with Rudy, who is the director. After your tour, you will leave crying, but only because you will know that you have found the place for your loved one to call home.

  • Janet Peace

    My dear friend Penny is now 94 years old. As her friend and former neighbor in Chula Vista — and for the past few years the person responsible for her care — I and she have scouted pretty much every care facility in the Lakeside area, and she has lived at four of them over the past 7 years. Nothing compares to the Lake Chapala Nursing Home, where she took up residence in January of this year. Penny likes to say that she’s glad she saved the best for last!

    Walking into the Lake Chapala Nursing home for the first time is like entering a beautiful Resort — not much about it that resembles a place for those who are old, ill or abandoned. Residents’ rooms are positioned to give guests maximum privacy. Surrounded by trees and flowers, they have large sliding doors and windows, ensuring easy access to outdoors and a peaceful, calming view of the gardens and trees. The atmosphere in the facility is one of lightheartedness, relaxation, enjoyment and caring.

    On the second floor, a spacious terrace directly overlooks the Lake, which is just the other side of the road and allows residents to sit amongst the treetops and observe the Lake’s abundant wildlife…definitely feels like a luxury resort, and I have spent many hours on the Terrace and eaten some of the Home’s wonderful meals with Penny there since she took up residence.

    The Home’s Administrator, Rudy, runs a tight and highly competent ship: monitors in every room, dedicated, personalized care for every stage of life as needed. I moved Penny into the home the day before I flew home to Canada. Penny had had a bad fall at her previous home and needed a higher level of care. I met with Rudy two days before leaving town, he listened carefully to her history with previous homes and she moved in the next day. After just one conversation with Rudy in person, the move went smoothly and contact between myself, Rudy, Penny and the staff ever since has been a godsend…

    I’ve learned through repeated visits to Penny at the Home that the real secret to the exceptional “feel” of the place is that Rudy really cares about his residents and is deadly serious about their health and wellbeing. This, of course, filters down and permeates daily life at the Home. Since I live in Canada, having moved back to Nova Scotia from Lakeside 8 years ago, it is nerve-wracking to be so far away and have this kind of responsibility for a loved-one. Working with Rudy and his staff from a distance has been a huge relief. Uriel, Penny’s full-time carer speaks fluent English and he is a perfect match for her (they both love classical music!). We have Facetime phone calls daily for updates and exchange of thoughts on how to make Penny more comfortable and her life more interesting, despite her physical handicaps. In this regard, Rudy has a wealth of knowledge and experience with long-term care which he shares generously and is available 24/7 by email and for phone calls when needed.

    I cannot thank Rudy and his staff enough for giving Penny such wonderful care, and me such peace of mind at this stage in her life!
    — Janet Peace

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